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Aixenlocation.com is a website featuring online booking services for accommodation for short and long term as well as services .
The website is provided by the individual company Deflou - Guillaume Caron, acting under the auto-entrepreneur status and whose registered office is at the following address: Aixenlocation.com - William Deflou - CARON
1 Rue du Bras d'Or - 13100 - Aix -en -Provence.
The company is registered near the services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Provence under number SIREN: 517 642 120 .
The work is carried out on the internet via aixenlocation.com by email, phone or fax and customers.
The goal is to help business travelers business trip accommodation or recreational or vacation research, discover selected by us offers , book accommodation and plan their stay by offering custom tailored services .
Aixenlocation.com mission is to offer and provide a means to discover other Aix -en- Provence and Marseille Provence territories to leisure travelers a pleasant and efficient support accommodation booking online .

The benefits to hosts, Flat renters are:

Free promotion of their accommodation on aixenlocation.com
A commission rates on reservations to optimize the profitability of their accommodation
Monitoring their project rent from inception to concierge

The benefits to customers are:

Competitive rates and adapted to many people
Free booking service with no added fees or booking
A secure booking system and respect for the confidentiality agreement

For more information, go to the "Who are we? "And discover our core services in the main menu.



Preamble   :

The general conditions of use aixenlocation.com are applicable to all services and are subject to change and updates. The date of the last day set ç is indicated at the bottom of the page.

Access to aixenlocation.com is public. By searching through our search engine, our lap or booking accommodation online, by telephone, mail or fax, you acknowledge having read the Terms of Service (TOS) and our Confidentiality Agreement that you understand and agree.


1.        Our services   :

Aixenlocation.com is one stop shop for book seasonal housing, find a long term rental request a personalized search to buy or rent a particular property, insert a professional temporary shelter ads (or holiday accommodation, Long-term furnished accommodation professional or student). Aixenlocation.com offers a specialized service in the short-term accommodation booking. Our owners can offer their furnished vacation rentals that you can book online after opening your account.

By making a reservation on aixenlocation.com, you are engaged (e) (s) contract with the owner of the flat you have booked. Accommodations listed on our website are visited and controlled. When making your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email reservation request which contains the details of your application and the details of your accommodation. We then send your booking request to the owner for approval, as an intermediary. If your application is approved, we will send you an email booking confirmation on behalf of the owner with detailed information. Some units have been entrusted to perform services such as your home, your departure (check-in/check-out) and other services ... In this case, confirmation will contain the formula    Aixenlocation.com Welcome   ". During the delivery of our services on our website, the information that we disclose is based on the information we provide owners furnished via a form they can change at any time. The owners are fully responsible for updating prices and availability of accommodation. We guarantee the accuracy of the information is on our website for descriptions of accommodation and facilities, all of which are visited before being posted. We also undertake the verification of availability and price with the owner before confirming any booking.

During your stay, each owner is fully responsible for services offered during your stay, unless we are authorized to carry out services.

Our website provides a qualitative selection of furnished accommodation whose owners want to integrate a quality approach or is recognized by the State or local institutions (ministerial rank in stars *****   , Quality Charter "   Plume   "The Tourist Office On Aix Aix   , Approach "   Ghost Client   "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Provence ...).

Information on rankings and other quality measures are checked before being posted on the page of hosting our website.

Our services are available only as part of a private, non-commercial use. You can not sell your stay, use or copy, display, download, reproduce or robots monitoring our website and any proposed online service. You can not build deep links to content, information or to any software or product and service that we offer as part of a commercial or competitive activity.

2.        How to book   ?

Once logged into your account, you can book your accommodation in 3 clicks   :

You make a reservation   : Then we receive your application and check the availability and price with the owner of the accommodation you have selected. You will also receive an email containing the details of your request.

You receive a booking confirmation email or unavailability. You can then click   : Finalizes r my reservation and pay the deposit or   : Complete your reservation and pay later.

You pay the sum of € 100.00 by credit card or Paypal account. For payment by bank transfer, we will send you an IBAN on your application.


3.        Rates   : Generalities

Rates offered on our website are competitive and adapt to the number of people depending on the accommodation capacity maximum. All prices displayed on the website Aixenlocation.com are indicated by full accommodation maximum capacity and for any length of stay. When hosting has several rooms, it is possible to get a very competitive price based on the number of people. In this case, the rate is adapted to the number of people, and only occupied rooms will be open during your stay. In case of need or change in circumstances, you will be able to ask about opening up additional rooms if others should join you and the owner of the accommodation you will apply the rate for the number of Real people.

Our rates are available including charges, excluding tax.

During your initial reservation request, you can select housekeeping at end of stay.

After confirming your reservation, you can choose individual and optional services such as   "   order a driver   "   ; "   order a ride at sea   "   ; "   order my races   food   ""   request the reservation of a restaurant   "   ; "   request the reservation of a concert ...  ". These special services are beyond your accommodation reservation and will be billed directly to you after confirmation of your quote as we strive to achieve with our partners at the best price. Some of these services may require pre-booking. When you accept, you will then be brought into contact with the provider concerned. Some of these services may also depend on weather conditions (eg   : At sea aboard a sailboat   , Hiking   , Customized tour or group ...). In this case, the provider will inform you of any unexpected event, in accordance with legal provisions and enforcement of safety and precaution.

4.        Special Rates   : The Chrono "Time Watch"

Looking for a place to sleep tonight   or tomorrow   ?

Search accommodation at the last minute notes sometimes a challenge and can lead to poor often costly surprises.

Find your accommodation at the last minute to sleep tonight or tomorrow night   !

We want to offer you the lowest price possible and have set up a system clock that tells you free accommodation in the next 48h00.

The price is then a sliding scale depending on when you click to book. More later you book, the more the price will be reduced. Warning, do not expect too much because you may lose your preferred accommodation.

Our clock is set manually according to the remaining available offers. Accommodation which is on the clock are ready to welcome you in one hour.

In this case, your booking is made ​​directly and payment is by credit card in full on arrival by e-banking terminal Paypal or cash.

5.        Currencies   : Price in € uros

We inform you that our tos prices are in € (Euros). It is your responsibility to pay your booking in this currency, via our Paypal support.


6.        Confidentiality of personal information and data

Aixenlocation.com respects your privacy. Please see our Confidentiality Agreement   for more information.

7.        Free

Our service is free. Unlike many other online retailers and internet sites, we do not charge our booking accommodation and we do not add any additional (reservation) and costs of your accommodation. We charge as deposit for an amount of € 100.00 when finalizing your reservation via PayPal. The balance of your stay is paid on arrival.

For reservations less than 10 days, the total amount of your rent you're really tiny little re asked.

Depending on a particular housing conditions, it is possible that the balance will be requested five days prior to arrival. In this case, you can pay by bank transfer, bank transfer or paypal account, credit card.

8.        Credit card and bank transfer

The credit card payments are made ​​exclusively via e-terminal Paypal. Bank transfers can be made ​​by Paypal account or account to another.

In the latter case, we give you an IBAN for the transfer of the sum.

Upon arrival, a deposit (guarantee) is requested. This deposit is returned to you on departure.

Aixenlocation.com conducts pre-authorize your credit card to cover any damages and reserves the right to charge your credit card if these three conditions are met   :

- The damage has been found in the state of venues by any means (photo   , Inventory signed and implemented according to the principle of contradiction.

- We received a complaint from the owner justified in 24:00 after your departure.

- You have received an email telling you that complaint was made ​​by the owner, indicating the amount of damage (presentation of invoice) and you have not acted upon for more than 48h00.

In this case, we will contact you prior to payment.

If you paid a security deposit upon arrival, you are normally not affected by this device.

Any authorized a credit card fraud or unauthorized use will be transmitted to the competent authorities and we reserve the right to immediately terminate the user account in question. For more information on this topic, you accept the confidentiality agreement.


9.        Rental Terms and Conditions

By making a reservation on our website, you acknowledge having read and accepted these terms and conditions and any special conditions that may apply to accommodation. The general conditions apply to all accommodation listed online on our website.The specific conditions are specific to each accommodation. It is your responsibility to check the specific accommodation requirements before finalizing your reservation. These can notify security rules, regulations on use certain recreational facilities, arrival and departure times, information on the method of payment upon arrival and other specific conditions that can s' apply only to the selected accommodation ...

This article determines the terms and conditions of rental accommodation online presence on our website. These requirements are for the exclusive use of accommodation online.

Only the French law is applicable.


9-1. Common provisions

The length of stay is determined by the detailed confirmation of booking and payment of deposit. Through us, your booking is your lease you designated as the "   tenant   "And the owner of the accommodation.

The tenant shall in no case claim a right to renewal or tenure at the end of this period.

Any amendment to the contract must be agreed to by both parties.

9-2. Deposit (guarantee)

Beyond three nights, the tenant must pay on arrival a security deposit which is determined in the special conditions, in addition to the balance of the stay.

It will be returned at the earliest, the departure of the tenant or a maximum period of 30 days after the departure of the tenant under the terms of this contract.

In case of non-compliance of the state of output with the input, the owner may proceed with the immediate receipt of the deposit in full or in part. This will be for all or part returned within 30 days of the departure of the tenant, net, for the owner, the amounts paid by the tenant  "For purposes of rehabilitation places, various repairs, ...

The amount thereof shall be duly justified by the owner on the basis of the state of fixtures, bailiff, invoices, ...

If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the sum on the basis of evidence provided by the owner.

This deposit can in no way be considered as part of the stay.


9-3. State and inventory

An inventory is established so contradictory at the beginning and end of stay. The inventory of the furniture is also made ​​under the same conditions. For stays exceeding 3 nights, the tenant agrees to check and report any discrepancies within 48 hours of arrival.

The Tenant agrees that the inspection may be carried out either by the owner or by his duly authorized agent with a written proxy.


9-4. Payment of the balance (total rental price)

The balance of the stay must be paid in accordance with the special conditions and later, on the day of arrival, if special requirements.


9-5. Enjoyment of the premises

The tenant has the enjoyment of the leased line to the destination of local places.

Subletting is prohibited.

The premises are rented for exclusive use of vacation, business trip or temporary accommodation (up to 3 months).

Any illegal activity is prohibited and may result in the immediate termination of the lease at the initiative of the owner or his agent.

The number of tenants may not exceed the maximum capacity indicated on the booking confirmation.

In exceptional circumstances and subject to the express consent of the owner, it can be made ​​to this rule.

In this case, the owner will be entitled to receive a price premium that must be communicated to the Tenant and recorded on the lease.



9-6. Termination conditions

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the date of receipt by the owner authentic letter.

9-6-1. Cancellation by the tenant

- If the cancellation is notified within more than 90 days before the date of entry into the premises, the owner returns within 30 days of termination, the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.

- If the cancellation is notified within a period of between 60 and 90 days before the date of entry into the premises, the owner returns within 30 days of termination, 75% of deposit paid by the tenant.

- If the cancellation is notified within a period of between 30 and 60 days before the date of entry into the premises, the owner returns within 30 days of termination, 50% of deposit paid by the tenant.

- If the cancellation is notified in less than 30 days before the date of entry into the premises period, the owner retains the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.

- If the tenant does not appear on the day of arrival, the total amount of the rent is due.

- If, before the date of entry into the premises and regardless of the time at which it occurs, termination made ​​at the initiative of the tenant based on a case of force majeure duly justified, the owner must return within 30 days such termination the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant and the remaining balance received.

9-6-2. Automatic termination of the lease:

If the tenant does not show up on the day specified on the contract, and within 24 hours notice and without notice to the owner:

- This contract is considered automatically terminated by the owner.

- The deposit paid by the tenant shall be retained by the owner.

- The owner may freely dispose of the accommodation.

9-6-3. Cancellation by the owner:

1 /. Cancellation by the owner before the date of entry into the premises:

Whatever the cause, except in cases of force majeure, the owner terminates the contract before the date of entry into the premises to the tenant repay twice the amount of the deposit received, plus interest at the statutory rate (the starting point of amount of short interest on the expiry of a period of 3 months from the payment of the deposit, to the return).

The refund will be sent in a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days of notification of the cancellation.

2 /. Cancellation by the owner after the date of entry into the premises:

When the termination of this Agreement occurs during the term of the lease, it must be justified by the owner (non-payment of the balance, NSF, proven damage to the leased premises, complaints from neighbors unlawful activity recorded by the owner or a third person ...)

The cancellation must be made ​​by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, led to the departure of the tenant within 48 hours of the receipt of the letter notifying the decision.

The owner reserves the right to retain the entire deposit (guarantee) under the conditions specified in paragraph "   DEPOSIT (CAUTION)   ".

Whatever the cause of termination, the full amount of the balance is and remains acquired by the owner.


9-6-4. Interruption of stay in the Tenant

In case of early termination of the stay and if the owner's responsibility can not be questioned, it will not be no refund, except the deposit.

If the tenant serious reasons with the characteristics of force majeure (unforeseeable, unavoidable, outside parties and render impossible the execution of this contract), the contract will be automatically terminated. The balance already paid by the tenant will be refunded in proportion to the tenure he had left to do.


9-6-5. Insurance

The tenant is obliged to ensure the premises are leased and care.

It must therefore determine whether the main living insurance covers extension (holiday). If not, it must intervene with his insurance company and claim the extended warranty purchase or contract under "   resort clause   ".

A certificate of insurance will be claimed from the date of entry into the premises, or failing that, a solemn declaration.


9-6-6. Litigation and Claims

It is recommended that you consult with aixenlocation.com the purpose of settlement of your claim or claims under the following cumulative conditions   :

If these terms were accepted,

If the user has a confirmed reservation containing special conditions,

If the claim is made ​​within the first 3 days after the arrival, for any dispute on the inventory or descriptive statement or the end of the stay for all other disputes.

You can send your complaint by email   : service.client@aixenlocation.com . The subject of your email must contain "   Litigation and claims   ".



10.    Correspondence and acceptance of reservations

When you make a booking, you agree to receive our next matches   :

A confirmation email reservation request detailing your original request.

An email booking confirmation with details of your booking and booked accommodation and the contact details of the owner or our. If we are mandated. In case of unavailability of accommodation, you will receive an email outage accompanied by a similar one you selected offer. You can make a reservation on this new offering.

An email before your arrival date in your location, which will contain information on your destination and offers for your stay, including our partners.

An email after your stay to collect your "   Customer Experience   ", Your comments, your satisfaction questionnaire. Please see our Privacy Convention in this regard.


11.    Ranking and scores

The default configuration of the classification of accommodations is random.

When you get a good via our search engine, the default configuration results in increasing this price (lowest to highest).

The number of stars corresponds to the ministerial rank of furnished accommodation, awarded by the accredited body, Bouches-du-Rhône Tourisme. Comments can be inserted on the page hosting.

The furnished listed under   "   NC   "Are unclassified but accommodations that meet a quality approach or meet a standard of facilities and quality services. They have been visited by us.

Accommodation registered under the brand "   pen   "Sought and obtained the qualification of the Tourist Office of Aix Aix.

Your comments may be posted on our website, on the page of the accommodation concerned to inform potential customers coming to your opinion on the level of service and quality furnished seasonal. They can be used whole or in part according to their writing, and according to your privacy settings on your expressed opinion (in fact we can remove your name and publish your comment under a pseudonym if you wish). Comments can also be integrated in the social networks we also use it to promote our accommodations. Please refer to the confidentiality agreement.

12.     Responsibilities

Only the French law is applicable. We are responsible for information you disclose to us.

However, in case of failure by the owners of the accommodation or non-compliance with these terms of use or conditions of the accommodation concerned, the liability is limited to the amicable settlement of your claim and / or claim.

In fact, your reservation will bind the owner of the accommodation booked and we can only act as an intermediary in case of dispute to find an amicable solution.

Only the courts whose jurisdiction is located furnished are competent in case of non-agreement between the parties to the contract.

But we can take action in cases of serious breach of the obligations of either party such as   : Delete the user account registration on blacklists User   , Temporary or permanent removal of accommodation due to incorrect application of the general or special conditions from the owner of that accommodation ...), including any cancellation (in part), overbooking, force majeure or other events our control.

We are also not responsible for any cancellation by the owner, overbooking, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.

In this case, it belongs to the owner of the accommodation to be responsible for the repayment of the deposit paid, to relocate at their own expense tourists overbooking situation. The latter will also be liable for the commission of the entire stay.


13.    Intellectual Property Rights

Our booking system, search engine, clock, graphics, etc.., Are exclusive aixenlocation. Understand intellectual property.

Aixenlocation.com remains the sole owner of all rights, title and interest in Internet (presentation and infrastructure including) site and the presentation of services and accommodation. Comments and translations are exclusive property of aixenlocation.com website

Aixenlocation is our brand and can not be used in any form (text, logo ...) without our express permission.

All or part of our rights used without our express consent is illegal and will be prosecuted under the compensation for damages whatsoever for damages. Our intellectual property rights and may not be any sale or be transferred in any way.

Any infringement of our intellectual property rights and will be prosecuted before the French courts, including damage to our copyright and our database.

14.    Only the French law is applicable

Aixenlocation.com is a French site. The general conditions of use, special use and confidentiality agreement conditions are subject to the application of the French law.

Any dispute directly related to these conditions are brought before the French courts have jurisdiction.

These general conditions of use, special use and confidentiality agreement conditions are written in French. They are translated into English and German so that the user can understand and accept. Despite their translation, only the French law is applicable.

In case of inconsistency in the translation, please contact us by email at   : service.client@aixenlocation.com .


15.    About Aixenlocation.com

Aixenlocation.com is a website featuring online booking services for accommodation for short and long term as well as services. The website is provided by Enterprise Single Deflou-Guillaume Caron, acting under the auto-entrepreneur status and whose registered office is at the following address   :

Aixenlocation.com - William Deflou-CARON - 1 Rue du Bras d'Or - 13100 - Aix-en-Provence.

The company is registered near the services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Provence under number SIREN   : 517 642 120.

The activity is carried on customer aixenlocation.com via internet, by email, by phone or fax.

You can contact us by email at   : contact@aixenlocation.com


Updated   : On October 19, 2013





Confidentiality Agreement


We assure you that we strive with the utmost care the protection and confidentiality of all information and personal data that you provide us.

This Confidentiality Agreement allows you to see how we handle and manage the protection of your data and communicate our coordinates. Date of update of this page is shown in the last line.

You can contact us directly for any questions about the protection of your personal data.

Aixenlocation.com offers benefits stays rentals (studios, apartments, town houses, villas ...) on its website and on other platforms (Internet partner sites, social networks ...). The following information applies to all of these platforms.

Confidentiality of personal information and data:

What personal data used by Aixenlocation.com?

When you make a reservation, you must provide your name, address, phone number, email address, payment information, as well as the names of the people traveling with you and preferences for your stay.

To maximize your reservations, you open an account. Your personal settings are saved and you can directly manage future bookings.

When you visit aixenlocation.com, it may be that we collect certain information for statistical purposes (IP address, browser search, operating system of your computer or mobile device, the selected language, the pages visited on our website. This personal information does not inform us of your identity.

When you use certain social media, it may be that we also collect information.

Why collect, use and share your personal information?

To manage your reservations: Your personal data is used to manage your bookings online as well as to transfer the details of your reservation to the owner of furnished accommodation you have booked.

To recognize you when you contact us to answer your questions by email or phone, we recognize you through the details of your reservation or user account.

The Hotline is open 7/7.

To administer your user account: We use the information you provide when you create your user account to manage your reservations, to share special offers, facilitate future bookings 3 clicks to view the history of accommodation you have selected.

To collect your customer experience: We use your personal data in order to invite you to tell us your experience by completing our customer satisfaction survey, following your stay. Your comments can clarify other travelers on their choice of accommodation or professional holiday.

For more information: If you have already booked a rental aixenlocation.com we use your data in accordance with legal provisions, to share with you our Newsletter, events, personalized offers. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.

To contact you: We may use your personal data to contact you by phone or SMS your feedback or to suggest a new offer when we think it can match your accommodation search. We can also contact you to finalize the reservation is not completed online or simply warn you that it is in progress. We can also customize your stay according to your needs or desires such as (book a driver for your airport transfer or TGV station on arrival, car rental, purchase of commodities with listing, installation of equipment for baby ...). We can also provide the means to contact us if you need before your arrival or during your stay.

We can also offer you to participate in market research. In this context, all personal data will be used with your consent.

To prevent and fight against fraud: In order to detect fraud and any illegal or wrongful act, we may use your personal data.

Using social networks:

We use social networks to promote accommodation of our owners and to make our services accessible to other users of social media.

For example, when you click on the social network present on our website, your account data is shared with social media and provide access to other members of your network services button.

In addition, In addition to the implementation of these buttons, use these media Aixenlocation.com administering accounts on several social networks. These social networking services may allow you to share information with Aixenlocation.com. When you create an account on an application with data from social networks, you are notified that the information may be shared with Aixenlocation.com. The information you want to share with us may include: basic information already on your social network profile, your email address, your status updates and your friends list. This information is necessary to create a unique user experience of the application or the website itself. They are easy to customize the website according to your needs and developing relationships with your friends about travel destinations or analyzing and improving our travel related services.

We can also help you identify you through your Aixenlocation.com accounts created on social networks. In these cases, your favorite social network can provide information about the use and processing of your data.

How and in what cases Aixenlocation.com she share your data with third parties:

In some cases, we may have to share your data with third parties.

Finalizing your reservation: when you booked your seasonal accommodation, we transfer your personal data to the owner: Your identity and that of the people with you, your contact information, booking details.

Organization of your stay: When you request special services, we share your identity and contact information to third parties: for example, ask yourself what you can reserve a driver, a restaurant ...

Transmission to the competent authorities: At the request of any government or police authority when the law (or any jurisdiction by law) requires, under an order issued by a court, a subpoena or other order arising from legal proceedings or criminal investigations, we share your personal data. We may also disclose your personal data in respect of prevention and the fight against fraud.

Aixenlocation.com how she uses customer feedback?

After staying in an accommodation booked through us, you will be prompted to write a review. If you do not want your name to appear next to your comment, it may be published on our website by the use of a pseudonym. When posting a comment, you agree that it can be published in accordance with the terms and conditions.

How to view, modify or delete your personal information?


To view the personal information you have provided to us, just send an email to: 

service.client@aixenlocation.com . The subject of your email must contain "view my personal information."


Your personal data is changed? Change them by sending an email to:

service.client@aixenlocation.com . The subject of your email must contain "change my personal information."

You want to remove your personal information temporarily or permanently? Send us an email to:

service.client@aixenlocation.com . The subject of your email must contain "delete my account."

Your personal information is associated with your User account. Deletion of information you have provided to us causes the closure of the account. You will need to create a new account for future bookings.

If reservations are underway at the request of deleting your account, your personal user account and your data will be deleted at the end of your stay. You will receive our satisfaction survey "customer experience" can make you feel comments on the accommodation in which you stayed.

Responsibility and processing of personal data Aixenlocation.com site:

The company Deflou-Guillaume CARON Aixenlocation.com is responsible for the processing of personal data on its website.

Aixenlocation.com belongs to William Deflou-CARON

Individual company acting under the auto-entrepreneur status and registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Provence (France) and whose registered office is located at the following address:

1 Rue du Bras d'Or - 13100 - Aix-en-Provence.

Aix en Rental is a trading name and a registered trademark owned by William Deflou-CARON - SIREN: 517 642 120.

The use of personal data on the website is aixenlocation.com the holiday and other short-stay accommodation business.

For any questions about this Privacy Agreement or opening a user account, send us an email to:

service.client@aixenlocation.com .


Last Updated: October 16, 2013